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The Heritage Growth Quality Technology ISO 9001  

 The Heritage

1959-an epoch in the history of ICI.

A young bachelor of science, driven by an industry in the throes of a revolution, quickly became part of it by initiating trade in dyestuffs to fulfill the acute need of the textile industries in erstwhile Manchester of India, Ahmedabad.

Thereafter, by 1961, through ingenuity and sheer grit, he started importing various specialty dyestuffs. By the year 1963, this young man Shri J. R. Shah, was well versed enough in the nuances of the industry to plunge headlong into the nascent industry of dye manufacture.

Production Plant - I

The indefatigable spirit of this intrepid entrepreneur ensured that his Company kept abreast of latest developments and needs of the textile industry by rapidly expanding the product range on offer. Come 1971, and this unstoppable dynamo had consolidated his manufacturing base to use it as a launch pad for exporting to the world. And, in 1980, by expanding the range, Mr. Shah enriched the pigment palette of the product portfolio.

1986, a fresh revolution overtook the Company-INDIAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, The Pigment & Dyes Company came of age.

It was a coming together of new ideas infused with innovation, initiated at the behest of the second generation in command, Mr. Deven Shah. Under his enthusiastic and visionary leadership, teamwork was introduced, and every part of the product delivery process was fine tuned to meet the stringent demand of the world markets.



By enhanced product portfolios, better manufacturing practices, long term commitments to consistent quality at all times and adopting and adapting the latest cutting edge global technology and processes has, today, made ICI proud of its lineage.

Production Plant - III
But far from resting on its laurels, the Company chooses to continually reset its goals and direction by increasingly accepting new challenges and setting itself larger and wider growth targets.

ICI is committed to creating and enhancing value for its customers. Already satisfying prestigious customers in countries like USA, Germany, Canada, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North East Africa, South Africa, Japan, Mauritius, ICI's expanded horizons include supplying premium quality dyes & intermediates to the Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Paint, Textile & Automobile industries across the world.



Never an accident, quality is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. At ICI, quality begins on the inside and then works its way out.

Quality checks begin by applying the stringent norms laid out for the purchase of the best possible raw materials, and are consistently applied throughout the manufacturing process by a whole gamut of qualified process engineers and state-of-the-art equipment.

Besides, quality checks are also engendered by random sampling methods in every batch. In process, testing makes possible the tracking of every last unit of product on various customer-specific parameters at every step of the manufacturing process through the computer automated process controls in operation throughout the plant.

Moreover, an intranet assimilates and connects every function of the Company and makes possible real time monitoring of every step, be it in administration or production or post-production, allowing for zero-error products and services.

Quality Control Lab

Dyeing Equipments

The dedicated capabilities of each and every employee of the Company to put in his personal best, and amalgamate every individual effort into a synergic entity constitute an integral part of the quality process at ICI.

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