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Machine Colorants

Machine Colorants were designed for volumetric tinting of water and solvent-based architectural surface coating.

Machine Colorants comprise glycol-based, binder-free pigment dispersions with the proper quantities of non-ionic and anionic wetting and dispersing agents. Colorants have been designed to provide the best grade and concealment. To achieve the best gloss, pigments were entirely deflocculated.

They blend well with base paints thanks to the synergistic composition of Wetting and Dispersing agents.

Colorants for volumetric dispensing equipment and volumetric in-plant tinting have indeed been developed. They're designed for exact color reproducibility that is the most cost-effective option, resulting in reduced operating costs and more profitability.


Each dispersion is created to be compatible with coatings from a broad range of vehicle systems. When used together, they provide nearly limitless color matching compatibility in most low VOC, traditional water-based, and solvent-based paints.

Machine Colorants are suitable with the following paint systems:

  • Emulsion of PVA
  • Acrylic Emulsion
  • Modified Alkyd Emulsion
  • Semi-Gloss and Gloss Water-Based Finishes
  • Alkyd Enamel

Colorants are carefully regulated and distribute quickly and thoroughly on most paint bases. To guarantee color integrity, should recheck compatibility following any modifications in paint base composition. Our technical service laboratories are prepared to offer the most advanced technical solutions.

This colorant is designed to be used in volumetric color dispensing devices for a retail store and in-plant volumetric tinting applications. They've been rigorously tested in a range of commercial color dispensing devices, and they've been confirmed to dispense with simplicity and precision. They are inert to stainless steel and plastic materials, which are employed as machine various components.

Latex paints, enamels, long oil alkyds, and wood stains all benefit from colorants. For exterior applications, the higher-quality red and yellow pigments give improved weather resistance.

These materials are utilized in various sectors for coating, polishing, and finishing metal, wall, and wood surfaces, as well as dyeing textiles. Our clients value our goods for their numerous attributes, including rapid drying ability, ease of use, safety packaging, balanced composition, non-toxic odor, and high stability.


  • Ideal for in-store use as well as tinting.
  • Latex emulsion, alkyd enamel, and nitrocellulose lacquer are all compatible.
  • The color development is outstanding in both aqueous and solvent environments.
  • Without a binder
  • For contemporary tinting machines, high color strength is required. Excellent shelf life in the can and mechanical stability when subjected to prolonged machine circulation and stirring. Color shade and volumetric consistency are meticulously managed for repeatable color replication.
  • Compliance with such a diverse variety of architectural coatings is outstanding.
  • Excellent light and weather resistance.
  • Rigorous control over batch approval results to ensuring color values are consistent.
  • Exterior and interior colorants are available to reduce the cost of the final hue.
  • With minimal agitation and no skin, this product has excellent stability.
  • All types of dispensing machines are compatible with this product.
  • The most cost-effective.

Instructions to use::

Before pouring into the tinting machine, combine the colorants by hand. Should avoid Air entrapment because it can compromise the volumetric consistency of the tinting process. In most cases, the quantity does not exceed 10% by the proportion of base paint.

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