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Fast Salt and Ingrain Dyes for Textile Industrial application

Blue IBN Blue 3GM Blue IF3G & Blue P2R Blue 3 GK
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 Blue 3 GK

Dyeing of Ichologen Blue 3GK on cotton yarn by open Vat method.

Quality of Material :

The material prepared for dyeing must be free from size, efficiently scoured and free from residual chlorine or peroxy compounds. The material also must be free from alkalinity and wherever necessary treatment with acetic acid should be given to prepare the goods of neutral pH which will prevent premature localized fixation and improve leveling. To obtain deep and brilliant shades, material should be either mercerised or causticised with caustic soda solution.

Procedure :

The dyeing process consists of Five stages namelly, Mordanting, Dyeing, Developing, After-treatment and soaping. Normally up to 4% shade is dyed for deep shades. A liquor to goods ratio of 20:1 is employed throughout.

Stage 1 :
The bath is set with :
Icho Mordant 1/3 of the weight of dye taken (pre-dissolved in water at 40-50°C)

The scoured and bleached cotton yarn is worked in the above bath for 10 minutes. 10 g/l glauber's salt calcined or common salt is added to the bath in two intervals of 5 minutes and mordanting is continued at room temperature for a total time of 30 minutes. The yarn is then squeezed, opened and passed on to stage 2 (Not to be Washed)

Stage 2 :


Dissolving of dye

Ichologen®; BLUE 3GK 1 part.
Solvent 2 parts.
Acetic Acid (Glacial) 5 parts.

The dyestuff is pasted with solvent and acetic acid in an absolutely dry vessel (stainless steel or enamelled vessel) and the mixture is allowed to stand for 20 minutes with occasional stirring. It is added after filtering to a cold dyebath containing full quantity of water preferably between 15-20°C. Water should be neutralized with acid before use. The mordanted yarn is entered in to the dyebath without delay and worked vigorously for the first 10-15 minutes. The dyeing is continued for a total period of 30 minutes. The yarn is then squeezed, rinsed, and passed on to stage 3.

Stage 3 :


The dyed yarn is worked in a bath containing

Caustic Soda (Solid) 2.2 g/l
Sodium Hydro Sulphite 3.0 g/l
Temperature 60°C
Time 15 minutes.

The yarn is then squeezed, aired, rinsed well and passed on to stage 4.

Stage 4 :

After-treatment (Acid Treatment)

The bath is set with

Hydrochloric Acid (32 Tw) 4 cc/l
Sodium Nitrite 1 g/l
Temperature 55°C
Time 10 minutes.

The developed yarn is worked in the above bath. squeezed, rinsed well and passed on to stage-5

Stage 5 :


The dyed developed and acid treated yarn is soaped in a bath containing.

Lissapol D Paste (Any Detergent) 3g/l
Soda Ash 2 g/l
Temperature Boiling.
Time 20 minutes.

It is finally rinsed well and dried.

Topping Treatment :

Topping is carried out by treatment with 0.1% Rhodamine at 50°C for 30 minutes on yarn before nitrite treatment.

All the above recommendations and procedures are only as a guideline.

Recipe and application procedures must be suitably modified to suit the prevailing working conditions.

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