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Speciality Organic Pigments for Plastic, Rubber and Allied Industry

For Plastic, Rubber & Allied    Products Product Details Shade Illustrations Colorist Properties
Specific Gravity Sieve Residue Moisture Content PH of Water Content
Specific Conductivity Light Fastness Heat Stability Fastness to Bleed (Plastics)
Fastness to Solvents and    Chemicals Application
Recommendation Storage
Handling and Transportation Health and Safety Certificate of Analysis Ordering Information

 For Plastics, Rubber & Allied Products

Pigments are colored organic materials in the form of insoluble powders, which are mixed with various resins, solvents and additives to manufacture plastics, rubber & allied products.

ICHO®PLAST is safe and eco-friendly specialized products meant for coloration of plastics, rubber & allied products-artistic colors. ICHO®PLAST is fine stable pigment powder, which have wide compatibility with various acrylic binders, additives used in plastics, rubber & allied products. Pigments in ICHO®PLAST is selected to impart excellent dispersion characteristics with excellent gloss, transparency, Rheology, Thixotropic properties to impart good gloss and consistent color value and tint strength.

 Product Details

Each product is described by the company's product code/name, chemical class like color index number, chemical name and C.A.S. number.

 Shade Illustration

The shade illustrations printed in this brochure are printed with CMYK on offset technique. This will produce a clean, nonstaining and smooth color effect to indicate approximate shade color effect, which is used as a guideline for plastics, rubber and allied product technologies.

 Colorist Properties

Spectrophotometer is used to measure various color strengths for full shade (tones).
L = Lightness Contribution
C = Chroma contribution
H = Hue angle
CIELAB D65 = Artificial day light



 Specific Gravity

Specific gravity has been determined in an inert liquid at 20°C.

 Sieve Residue

Weighed quantity of pigment in water is measured and wet sieving of pigment water slurry under running water tap is weighed. Residue obtained on 240- mesh screen is dried and weighed. This is noted as per DIN 53195.

 Moisture Content

Pigment sample is heated under infrared lamp at 105°C. When constant weight is reached, the loss of weight of volatile matter is noted as moisture content. This is as per ISO 787/2.


 PH of Water extract

Aqueous pigment slurry of 5% pigment is filtered off. Calibered glass electrode pH meter at normal room temperature measures the pH value of filtrate.

 Specific Conductivity

Aqueous pigment slurry of 5% pigment is filtered off. Calibered conductivity meter measures the specific conductivity of filtrate. This indicates the figure of water-soluble electrolytes in the pigment.

 Light Fastness

The prints of the pigments dispersed in printing ink medium is exposed along with Standard Blue Scale and rating expressed in 1 to 8 scale. 8 expresses excellent and 1 expresses poor fastness. Tint is at reduction at 1:5 using 25% titanium dioxide.

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