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Speciality organic pigments for printing ink industry

For Printing Ink Product Details Shade Illustrations Colorist Properties
Specific Gravity Sieve Residue Moisture Content PH of Water Content
Specific Conductivity Light Fastness Heat Stability Soap Fastness (Print)
Fastness to Solvents and
Recommendation Storage
Handling and Transportation Health and Safety Certificate of Analysis Ordering Information

 Heat Stability

Determination of heat stability is determination of temperature. In °C at which the discoloration corresponds to the color difference. dE - 3.0 units. For Printing Inks - tested in long oil alkyde resin system for 30 min.

It is however advisable for a user to carry out heat stability tests in intended application under given set of processing conditions.


 Soap Fastness (Print)
This test is carried out by placing completely dried offset print at 1.5 gm/m2. Ink Deposition (of 16% conc. of red pigment on 12% of other pigment ink for routine quality control, juxtaposed draindown of sts. and sample are dried and exposed to neutral soap jelly and extent of bleed into soap of std. And sample are inter compared after overnight exposure on a white neutral 20% soap jelly surface for 24 hours.

Afterwards the print is removed from soap jelly surface carefully and cleaned with cotton gently. The extent of bleeding into the core of soap jelly is noted and reported in 1-5 scale.
(1=poor and 5 = excellent).


 Fastness to Solvents and Chemicals

The test is carried out by placing 0.5gms of pigment in a folded paper, sealed at the top and suspended in 20 cc of solvent in a stopper test tube at the room temperature for 24 hours. The staining is noted and expressed in 1 to 5 scales. 5 = excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = fair, 1 = poor.

Solvent mixture generally contains 30% ethyl acetate, 10% acetone, 20% xylene, 30% ethanol, 10% 1- methoxypropanol. The staining of test solvent is assessed visually in comparison to that of the product standard for controlling quality and against absolute solvents for reporting solvent fastness of individual pigments in accordance with grayscale for assessing the extent of bleeding. (DIN 54002).


 Application Characteristics

This includes various properties like rheology, gloss, dispersion characteristics, etc...


In the application Recommendation matrix "O" indicates that the product is recommended for the particular end user application.


Care should be taken that these products are protected from heat, moisture and dust.

 Handling And Transportation

Appropriate handling equipment should be used for handling of ICHO®PRINT. Due care is required while transportation, though ingredients are tested, completely safe and no labeling is required.


 Health & Safety

Data sheets, MSDS forms and other pertinent information are available on request. No side effects, toxic effects or any ill effects are known or reported by user so far. ICHO®PRINT series illustrated in this brochure is completely non-toxic.

 Certificate Of Analysis

ICHO®PRINT are best in terms of technical parameters as desired by today's pigment consumer. The product's C.O.A. provides a detailed analysis of these technical parameters based on industry standards. A computerized color assurance report enables the client's quality control lab to receive the desired technical information of our product supplies against approved standards.

 Ordering Information

Products can be ordered in the following packing sizes.
10kg., 20kg. Or as per customer's need.

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