We Manufacturer of Pigment, Dyestuffs, Pigment Preparation by India Chemical Industries in Ahmedabad, India.
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Pigment preparation for textile dyeing and printing

Advantages Standardization Applications Features
For Dyeing Technical Information Settling Storage
Handling and Transportation Health and Safety Certificate of Analysis Ordering Information

 Technical Information

All Octa®mine are carefully designed and controlled to meet exact standards for dispersion, pH, solids, strength and shade on a wet - weight bases. Retained samples are kept for shelf life of product from the time of shipment.


The techniques by which Octa®mine are produced & developed eliminates settling. Therefore, settling should not occur even after prolonged storage. However, light stirring is recommended before application.


Octa®mine is subject to freezing. Care should be taken to ensure that these products are protected from freezing and stored at temperatures above 32°F (0°C).


 Handling and Transportation

Appropriate handling equipment should be used for handling of Octa®mine . Due care is required while transportation of Octa®mine though ingredients are tested, completely safe and no labeling is required.

 Health and Safety

Data sheets, MSDS forms and other pertinent information are available on request. No side effects, toxic effects or any ill effects are known or reported by users so far. The Octa®mine illustrated in this brochure are completely non toxic.

 Certificate of Analysis

The Octa®mine is the best in terms of technical parameters as desired by today's pigment consumer. The product's C.O.A. provides a detailed analysis of these technical parameters based on industry standards. Computerized color assurance reports enable the client's quality control lab to receive the desired technical information of our product supplies against approved standards.


 Ordering Informations

Products can be ordered in the following packing sizes.
1kg, 6kg, 10kg, 30kg. Or as per the customer's need.

The disadvantage of Octa®mine dyeing is that, here dyeing can produce only light to mediocre color depthness (less displaying property of Octa®mine against those colors having fiber affinity). Octa®mine dyeing also produces a little harder material grip against other conventional dyeing.

The following articles may be suitable for dyeing with Octa®mine.
  • Bed clothes
  • Dress materials and shirting
  • Leisure wear, beach and bathing articles
  • Decorative articles
  • Camping material ( also camouflaging material ) tenting materials
  • Cover materials and lining materials
  • Bands and belts
  • Washout articles and stone washed articles
  • Denim ( pigmentation of wrap yarn according to wrap dressing process )
  • Glass fiber
  • Washout articles and stone washed articles
  • Denim ( pigmentation of wrap yarn according to wrap dressing process )
  • Glass fiber
  • Good coloristic properties

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