We Manufacturer of Pigment, Dyestuffs, Pigment Preparation by India Chemical Industries in Ahmedabad, India.
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The task of Purchasing within ICI is to deliver and maintain  commercial advantage for our businesses by protecting inexpensive  raw materials and services. Suppliers play a key source in this process.

Based on precise requirement, we develop different level of cooperation with our suppliers. The closest form of cooperation is business partnership.

By business partnership, we mean a long-term relationship in which we share the risks and benefits on the foundation of mutual trust.

Our basic strive  is to increase the competitiveness of both partners, by lowering process costs (resources and time). This is a prerequisite for meeting the challenges of an ever-changing environment. The partners contribute innovative ideas to one another and are prepared to take risks, creating added value for both parties.

The sharing of risks and benefits is negotiated with each partner on an individual basis, taking into account the effort and performance of the partner in areas such as the development of innovative approaches and solutions.

The purchasing function within ICI is decentralized, with each business segment responsible for the purchasing of its own raw materials. All segments share a common approach and strategy. They select suppliers on the basis of specifications, price, delivery and supply conditions. In addition, they apply criteria such as production potential, competence, backward and forward integration, environment, health and safety (EHS) standards, market position, strategy of the supplier and overall supplier assessment. As an ISO 9001 registered company, ICI purchases raw materials only from established suppliers. We do not purchase spot materials from unqualified suppliers.

We will purchase materials from manufacturers who meet applicable laws and regulations or have explicit plans approved by local authorities to comply with EHS-requirements. We monitor and evaluate the EHS performance of suppliers, toll manufacturers and distributors. Where there are insufficient local regulatory frameworks, ICI makes sure, through visits and reviews, that our partners apply good industry practices.

Mail us on : supply@icidyes.com
Pigment Preparation for Textile Dyeing | Fast Salt for Textile | Textile Printing Inks |
Cyanuric Chloride based Dyes | VS Based Reactive Dyes | Ingrain Dyes for Textile
Pigment Preparation for Coloration of Water Based Flexography | Preparations of Organic Pigments |
Pigment Preparation for Water Based Decorative Paints |Organic Pigments for Printing Ink |
Pigment Preparation for Mass Coloration of Rayon Dope Dyeing | Organic Pigments for Paints, Coatings
Pigment Preparations for Coloration of Soaps and Detergents |
Pigment Dispersion for Coloration of Polyurethane Foams | Speciality Organic Pigments for Plastic, Rubber, Allied Products

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