We Manufacturer of Pigment, Dyestuffs, Pigment Preparation by India Chemical Industries in Ahmedabad, India.
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The Heritage Growth Quality Technology ISO 9001  


ICI believes the very essence of human progress lies in applying new knowledge in new ways continuously, making the old way of doing things obsolete. At ICI, we subscribe to this truism with a passion. ICI constantly endeavors to create products with improved environmental compatibility, and enhanced, high quality, cost efficient features- matching and surpassing customer expectations.

To be able to justify this high order of dedication to unremitting upgrade of technology and processes, ICI has invested in cutting edge technology.

For example, ICI has a pilot plant that allows it to work its product orders to perfection by enabling the processing of small sample batches that allow scope for improvement before freezing the specification parameters of the final, main batch ordered. The pilot plant also enables ICI to accept orders with special specifications on various kind of materials.

The Organization's predilection towards continuous research and development at every step of the manufacturing process benefits its customers directly. Expanding its already formidable technical abilities and market reach is ICI's technical & marketing collaboration with advanced countries like Japan, Germany & USA.

This access to the world's best technical minds allows ICI to offer its customers the unmatched advantages of superior, world-class quality of products, coupled with the economy of a manufacturing base in developing countries.

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It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step at the same time.

At ICI, gaining the international ISO 9001 certification is simply the validation of procedures and process control measures affected in the normal course of working towards globally accepted and warranted standards.

We, at ICI, believe that our customers seek compatibility not in product alone, but that it must extend to the congruence in the philosophy, the commitment to excellence at all levels, in all processes and in all transactions-from placing an order to post delivery technical services. We call it 360-degree compatibility. Something you can depend upon with confidence at all times when you partner us.

Pigment Preparation for Textile Dyeing | Fast Salt for Textile | Textile Printing Inks |
Cyanuric Chloride based Dyes | VS Based Reactive Dyes | Ingrain Dyes for Textile
Pigment Preparation for Coloration of Water Based Flexography | Preparations of Organic Pigments |
Pigment Preparation for Water Based Decorative Paints |Organic Pigments for Printing Ink |
Pigment Preparation for Mass Coloration of Rayon Dope Dyeing | Organic Pigments for Paints, Coatings
Pigment Preparations for Coloration of Soaps and Detergents |
Pigment Dispersion for Coloration of Polyurethane Foams | Speciality Organic Pigments for Plastic, Rubber, Allied Products

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