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Specialised Textile Pigment Printing Inks

NP Mixing System M8 Mixing System
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 NP Mixing System

Non PVC & Non Phthalate Printing Ink

Description : Textile Pigment Printing
The Ichoflex® next generation Oekosol™ - NP colors are high performance, low-tack and wet on wet Printing Ink. These inks having same application as a regular Ichoflex® printing ink system. In these series include all basic colors to maximize the printer ability to match bright clean colors including Flsrescent . Recipe book is available for creating shades. Whether matching Pantone or a buyer’s special color, this system will make matching simple. Red and Yellow Colors have improved light fastness and migration properties. This system complies with the EU rules for printing inks. If required we can provide a oeko-tex certificate.

Advantage :
prints like a plastisol ink. No screen drying. No wastage of time for cleaning. Improved print rate. Special effect printing.

Application & Substrate:
Ichoflex® Oekosol™ - NP colors can be printed directly on cotton, cotton/polyester or polyester fabrics. While printing on a bleeding fabric use color with a low bleed white underlay.

Screen Mesh:
86 to 355 m.c./in. When printing on high meshes, add Reducer to make the ink print easier by lowering the viscosity. For printing on top of a white underlay use 160 m.c./in. or higher for wet on wet printing. On white or light color fabric’s use 160 m.c./in. or higher.

Squeegee :
80 durometer or suitable tp printer

Stencil :
Direct, indirect, Capillary Film

High Density Add Ichoflex® Thickening Powder
Puff Inks Add Ichoflex® Puff Additive (use 5 to 15%)

Wash up :
Ichoflex® Wash - lb

Fusion Or Curing :
Ideal conditions 340° F/ 170° C for 1 to 11/2 minutes in convection oven or 190° C for 12 sec with transfer press (Curing Machine). Always test for curing.

Special Notes :
Do not dry clean or iron print. Always check fabric for migrating dyes.

As the Oekosol™ – NP are Non PVC and Non Phthalate it is important that the non-contamination of the ink becomes the highest priority when they are used in the print shop.


 M8 Mixing System

Water based Printing Ink

Description :
The Next Generation Oekosol™ – M8 mixing colors is a specially designed water based system to meet the requirement of Phthalate and PVC free Printing Ink users. The series include all basic colors to maximize the printer ability to match bright clean colors including Flsrescent. A Recipe book is available for creating shades. Whether matching Pantone or a buyer’s special color, this system will make match simple. This system will comply with the EU rules for textile printing inks.

Advantage :
create brilliant bright shade optimization of formulation. Excellent dispersion stability. Stable mixture shade could be made.

Application & Substrate :
Oekosol™ – M8 Can Be Directly Printed On 100% Cotton White & Dark Fabric. Oekosol™ – M8 has exceptionally bright high intensity inks suitable for printing on stretchable knitted material. We have wide gamut of bright Colored inks which can be printed on plain as well as Colored knitted fabrics. The prints produced with Oekosol™ M8 gives soft handle and good fastness

Screen Mesh :
Oekosol™ M8 inks have easy printing viscosity. The printer can get good sharp prints when printed with screens of 80 to 120 mesh even with two to four strokes.

Squeegee :
80 durometer or suitable to printer

Modification :
Ichoflex® Oekosol™ Viscosity Reducer, viscosity of the ink too thick - can be diluted with either water or suitable binder.

Wash up :

Fusion Or Curing :
After printing the cloth should be dried after exposing to flash station. Time and temperature should be adjusted so that goods are dried properly and then cured at 170°C. for 2 minutes

Special Notes :
However good house keeping is required to keep spatulas, stirrers etc. separate for the normal Ichoflex® and Oekosol™ - NP so that there is no mixing of the two systems.

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