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Fast Salt and Ingrain Dyes for Textile Industrial application

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 Product Range

ICHOSALT® are safe and eco-friendly specialized products meant for textile dyeing and printing application. Ichosalt® has a range of series which gives a wide range of color on different Grounders.

 Product Advantages

  • Availability of wide product range
  • Good compatibility with different Grounders
  • Different shades with different Grounders.
  • Freeflowingness
  • Excellent strength and gloss

 For Dyeing/Printing

Stage 1 :

The material prepared for dyeing/printing must be free from size, efficiently scoured and free from residual chlorine or peroxy compounds. The goods also must be free from alkali and wherever necessary treatment with acetic acid should be given to prepare the goods of neutral pH which will prevent premature localized fixation and improve leveling. To obtain deep and brilliant shades material should be either mercerised or causticised with caustic soda solution.

Stage 2 :

Dissolve the Grounder by hot or cold method. The temp. concentration of caustic soda and wetting agent like T.R. oil should be properly used. Remove excess of Naphthol by proper squeezing.

Stage 3 :

Intermediate Drying
In case of fabric, drying may be carried out by hot flue dryer or pin stenter. In cylinder drying proper care must be taken to avoid migration or side effects. The goods must be protected from sun, moisture and acid fumes.


Development in Salt :

Required quantity of salt (1 part of grounder requires 4-5 parts of salt) is dissloved in cold water. Any insoluble particles remaining will give specky dyeing. Add acetic acid to get pH 6.5 for proper depth & brilliance of shade. Sufficient time should be given to develop full shade of maximum Color value.

After-Treatments :

The developed goods must be washed using sufficient cold water and soaped at boil using 3 gpl soap and 2 gpl soda ash. Remove excess diazotized product to get maximum washing and rubbing fastness.


After the completion of stage 1, 2 & 3 print on Naphtholated ground as under :

30 - 70 Color salt is dissolved
100 - 300 cold water
10 - 30 Acetic Acid (50%) and
XXX gum
1000 Total

After-treatment :

The printed goods must be washed using sufficient cold water and soaped at boil using 3 gpl soap and 2 gpl soda ash. Remove excess diazotized products to get maximum washing and rubbing fastness.
For Blue B Salt and Blue BB Salt soda bi-carb

instead of acetic acid is advantageous.

Dyeing assistants to be used for Grounding :

Turkey Red Oil Monopol oil alcohols have been used as dissolving agents. To improve rubbing fastness proper assistants are used.

 Grounding Process

Continuous Grounding Process :

A padding m/c 2-3 squeezing rolls and a color box of proper capacity is used. 80-100% squeeze must be adjusted to get proper even shade. 15 gpl Naphthol AS normally taken. Particularly for deep shades high concentration must be used. The grounded goods are immediately dried by any suitable process and if kept for long time should be wrapped in another cloth to protect from sunlight, moisture and acid fumes.

Grounding in Jigger :

The goods are run for 2-4 ends at or near boiling & at 50°C for 4-6 ends. The goods are then squeezed & dried as per continuous process.

 Developing Process

It is carried out by using a padding machine connected to a washer. Airing is advantageous, gives full depth. The goods are squeezed and passed through lukewarm water using 10 gpl Soda Ash. Some times the hue gets dull hence trial must be taken.
The following formula will help in taking developer.

Concentration of additional
grounder g/l
X ratio of developer against the grounder X pick of grounder % (65%)
pick grounder % (80%)

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