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Specialised Textile Printing Inks

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 Four Color Process Plastisol Ink

Four color printing

Description :
Ichoflex® four color process plastisol inks are transparent, designed specifically for four color process printing onto white 100% cotton fabrics. The yellow, magenta and cyan are being used to achieve maximum color. image, which decreases the need for spot colors.

Application :
Ready to use Ichoflex® for four color plastisol ink. Order standard strength when printing through 305 mesh screen and triple strength when printing through a 355 mesh screen.

Substrate :
100% cotton white fabrics.

Screen mesh :
305-355 m.c./in. (120-140 m.c./ cm.)

Stencil :
Direct, indirect, capillary film

Modification :
Ichoflex® extender base

Wash up :
Ichoflex® Wash LB

Fusion :
320°F/ 160°C

Special notes :
Ichoflex® are thermoplastic, requiring heat for fusion. Test print an area of the fabric for crock fastness. If the color rubs off on a white cloth, adjust oven temperatures and / or give required time until the cloth wipes clean. Stir Ichoflex® before printing. Do not dry clean and bleach.


 New Generation PC Color Lab

Description :
The Ichoflex® new generation PC color lab consist of 19 primary colors concentrates (including black and white) are user friendly. This are developed to strengthen and enhance color value with safe printing and can give consistent matches in all Ichoflex® base ink systems. By mixing into Pc and High density colors (40%. by weight maximum) can strengthen and adjust color shades without fear of fusion effect.

Application :
Please refer our new generation PC Color Lab recipe book for selection of Ichoflex® ink. With this you can create more than 1900 popular colors in a different type of Ichoflex® base ink. Simply follow the formulation and use the appropriate base to create any series of inks.

Special note :
Some polyester (P) and cotton/ polyester (CP) are difficult to block dye migration and should be tested before production to ensure proper bleed resistance.



Description :
Ichoflex® Bases are design to be used with PC (Pigment Concentrates) and Inks. The Bases can be used to make all types of Inks. This would include HO (High Opaque) to HD (High Density) and more. See the Chart below to determine which base to use and how to use the base.

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