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Product Advantages General Behaviour of cyanuric chloride based ICHOFIX® Dyes
ICHOFIX® 'M' Dyes ICHOFIX® 'HE'/H' Dyes Printing
ICHOFIX® 'ME' Dyes    

 ICHOFIX® 'HE'/H' Dyes

Exhaust Dyeing :

Raise temperature to 50 Minutes
Raise temperature to 80-85°C at approximately 1°C per minut while the salt is being added 5
  • Load machine, run liquor and/or fabric, Ensure that the Adjust with acetic acid if necessary
  • Add pre-dissolved dye
  • Continue dyeing
  • Add 5 gms/l common salt (2.5 gms/l) for very pale shades
  • Continue dyeing
  • Add 20 g/l common slat (10 g/l) for very pale shades)
  • Continue dyeing
  • Add remaining salt
  • Continue at 80-85°C to allow a uniform temperature to be achieved throughout the machine.
  • Allow 15 minutes after the last salt addition if salt is still being added when the temperature reaches 80-85°C.
  • Add alkali slowly
  • Dye at 80-85°C
  • Check the Shade

ICHOFIX® 'HE'/'H' Dyes :
Salt and Alkali Requirement

Depth of Shade (% on weight of goods) Salt
Soda Ash
Upto 0.5 30 10
0.51 – 1.0 45 15
1.01 – 2.0 60 15
2.01 – 4.0 70 20
Above 4.0 90 20
Soaping after Exhaust Dyeing
For maximum fastness, wash off efficiently after dyeing.

Minuts Drop dyebath
10 Rinse cold
10 Rinse cold
15-30 'Soap' at the boil. For very heavy shades two 15 min. 'Soaps' are preferred.
10 Rinse warm
Rinse cold until clear



Preparation of Fabric :

The fabric to be printed must be properly be sized to make it highly absorbent. Mercerisation of cotton fabric and custiciazation of regenerated cellulosics fabrics yield brilliant and deep prints.

Printing Operation :

Both one phase and two phase methods can be used. A typical printing recipe is given below:

Ingredients, parts 'H' Brand
Dyestuff 10-60
urea 40-60
Alginate Thickening (4.0%) 400
Resist Salt 40
Sodium Bicarbonate 15-30
Water Balance
Total 1000

Mix the dye with urea and near boiling water for hot brand. Cool to room temperature. Add Alginate thickening and Resist Salt. Mix well Alkali is to be added just prior to printing. If necessary sieve through fine muslin cloth.

Print the cloth with above paste. Dry and steam for 15 20 minutes in continuous Ager at 100-102°C, give a cold and hot wash with water. Soap at boil with neutral soap and wash again.


  • ICHOFIX® 'ME' dyes are low temperature high exhaust Reactive dyes suitable for dyeing, padding and printing.
  • They are applied by exhaust dyeing methods at temperature 60-65°C.
  • They offer high grade of all round fastness properties.
  • They have an advantage of high degree of exhaustion and fixation rates.
  • They offer excellent leveling properties and excellent alkali stability.
  • They give highly reproducible dyeings because of better alkali stability and low sensitivity to temperature.
Procedure for Dyeing with ICHOFIX® 'ME' Brand Dyes :
Exhaust dyeing is carried out at low temperature 60-65°C ICHOFIX® 'ME' Dyes are easily soluble in water by pasting the dyestuff with cold water and thereafter dissolving it in (60°C) hot water with constant stirring. Standard Dyeing Methody.

Standard Dyeing Method with ICHOFIX® 'ME' Brand Dyes :

Quantity of Salt And Soda Ash for ICHOFIX® 'ME' Brand Dyes :

Depth of Shade (% on weight of goods) Salt
Soda Ash
Upto 0.5 20 10
0.51 – 1.0 35 15
1.01 – 2.0 50 15
2.01 – 4.0 60 20
Above 4.0 60 20

Washing :

After dyeing, the unfixed dyes to be completely removed by cold rinsing, hot rinsing and soaping at boil with 1-2 g/l. anionic surfactant.

Padding Method
  • Silicate pad-bath-wash
  • Alkali pad-dry-thermofix

Printing with ICHOFIX® 'ME' Dyes :
ICHOFIX® 'ME' Dyes can be used for printing. These dyes can be applied in printing by any of the following methods.

  • Print-dry-steam (ICHOFIX® 'ME' + Alkali)
  • Print-dry-thermofix (ICHOFIX® 'ME' + Alkali)
  • Print-dry-nip padding in sodium silicate bath - 10 hours.

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