We Manufacturer of Pigment, Dyestuffs, Pigment Preparation by India Chemical Industries in Ahmedabad, India.
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Manufacturer of pigments, Dyestuffs having Global Presence
Quality Policy of Pigments, Dyestuffs of Indian Chemical Industries from India
Indian Chemical Industries(ICI), Ahmedabad India is the leading manufacturer of pigments and Dyestuffs. The company has been serving its valuable clients for the past 50 years. ICI has a wide distribution network for efficient and effective delivery. It is well supported by qualified techno-commercial professionals for better customer service and application support. Adherence to quality management practices and total customer satisfaction are the company’s prime objectives. We continuously upgrade our product to meet the new challenges in the modern Hi-tech world.
Production Plant for Pigment, Dyestuff as well as Technical Service for Dyestuff Pigment
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Pigment Preparation for Textile Dyeing | Fast Salt for Textile | Textile Pigment Printing Inks |
Cyanuric Chloride based Dyes | VS Based Reactive Dyes | Ingrain Dyes for Textile
Pigment Preparation for Coloration of Water Based Flexography | Preparations of Organic Pigments |
Pigment Preparation for Water Based Decorative Paints |Organic Pigments for Printing Ink |
Pigment Preparation for Mass Coloration of Rayon Dope Dyeing | Organic Pigments for Paints, Coatings
Pigment Preparations for Coloration of Soaps and Detergents |
Pigment Dispersion for Coloration of Polyurethane Foams | Speciality Organic Pigments for Plastic, Rubber, Allied Products

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